Google Maps Gets Motorcycle Mode in India


Google Maps India has reduced the agony of its avid users who commute on bikes and scooters by launching the all-new, 'Two-Wheeler, ' mode on Tuesday. It also provides customized traffic and arrival time estimations. Other Google Maps features like lanes, voice navigation, and traffic situations are present. We ran a check to do a real world test of this mode on Google Maps and find the best possible route from our office in Lower Parel to three different locations in Mumbai. It also has the most widely used mobile operating system, a solid video streaming platform, excellent maps and navigation, cloud services and the list just goes on.

This is not the first time that Google has rolled out India first features before rolling it out for the rest of the world.

Today at the third edition of "Google for India" event, the company announced a bunch of new India-first products and features for the growing base of Indian internet users.

Google is adding two-wheeler mode only a week after Waze added a similar mode.

The Google Maps for Motorcycle App was detailed by Android Police, the production took a few to get back some composure of screenshots from one such client in India and the photographs shows that the new Motorcycle mode has been joined to enable bikers in the nation to discover the route most appropriate for their vehicles.

This feature will be available alongside other transit options like Drive, Train, Walk, and Cab within the app. The two-wheeler mode will arrive in more countries in the coming months.

The two-wheeler map will also show landmarks on the route.