Sam Smith, Brandon Flynn confirm romance on Instagram


Sam Smith and Brandon Flynn have seemingly confirmed their romance by posing for a picture together on Instagram. The pair, who where first spotted kissing in NYC in October, debuted their internet love on Thursday, when Brandon posted a picture of the two sporting unicorn headwear, with the caption "Rare sighting in London".

Smith and Flynn were first linked in October after they were spotted holding hands and kissing during an outing in NY.

As we reported in October, the Stay With Me singer told Ellen DeGeneres he is taken and "quite happy" with his relationship!

Brandon shared the image and jokingly captioned it: 'Rare sighting in London'.

'I'm not [single], which is insane, ' Smith said to the talk show host.

Flynn also shared a photo of Smith wearing novelty snowflake glasses on his Instagram Stories, placing a sparkling heart emoji on the side of the picture.

Speaking around the release of his second album The Thrill Of It All, Sam said: 'It's weird bringing out an album and not being single. His first concert date of the new year is January 16 in Australia. But I'm really happy for once. I'm just trying to see how it goes. My job has got in the way of my relationships in the past because it's just hard to relate to, and people don't want to be a part of what I've got going on in my life'.