Vet accused of shooting neighbor's dog in the head


A Louisiana veterinarian is facing charges in the fatal shooting of her neighbor's dog, according to police.

The Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office was notified of the incident and considered Folse a suspect because of the text messages, WDSU said. The report says Folse shot the dog because he was barking too much.

But Garrity accused the department of making an arrest based on flimsy, non-existent evidence.

"Our sheriff made a political grandstand in his campaign because he has no evidence whatsoever that this poor girl, that he gutted, has done anything", said Garrity, referring to Lopinto, who intends to run for retired Sheriff Newell Normand's unexpired term in January.

Lopinto denied that the arrest had anything to do with his political aspirations.

This shocking display of violence shows that Folse is not only unstable, but demonstrates a complete disregard for animal life, and she does not deserve the title of veterinarian and should have her license revoked.

The vet office where she worked treated the dog and reported the incident Wednesday, police said.

Lopinto said there are no other complaints against Folse of animal cruelty at this time, however the investigation is ongoing.

Bruizer's owner, Stacey Fitzner, said she had gone to work December 13 and left Bruizer in her backyard, only to have family members find the fatally wounded animal later that day.

The family took Bruizer to Abadie Veterinary Hospital, where veterinarian Scott Abadie found the dog had a bullet wound entering the back of his head and exiting through his eye, WILX reported. It was a coincidence, according to Lopinto. Folse was not involved in the care of Bruiser at the hospital. Fitzner told the station that whomever shot her talk, came into her backyard to do so.

A woman identified as one of the dog's owners, Stacy Fitzner, told Fox 8 she had left him in the yard when she went to work. She was sacked from the animal clinic.

Abadie said he terminated Folse, who he said had previously had a good reputation at the veterinary practice, the same day Bruiser passed away. She was not responsible for his treatment. Folse's home abuts the Hazel Park School's playground. Garrity asked. "I'm befuddled about that".

The vet then described firing his former colleague, "The owner of Brusier had text messages from her that were just totally inappropriate and disgusting, saying things about Brusier". Abadie also said that Folse was a vegetarian. She also told investigators that she thought the dog was aggressive, although neighbors discredited that claim, WDSU reported.

After putting up a long struggle into the night, Bruizer was eventually put to sleep.