YouTube for iOS adds full vertical video playback


They are amazed after this announcement as the Android users have been using the same features for two years.

YouTube on iOS will soon be updated with full vertical video playback support, getting rid of the annoying black bars and instead filling the entire smartphone screen with vertically-recorded footage. Even after the update, users are likely to come across vertical videos that won't go full screen. As such, for Apple users, vertical videos can now be viewed in full screen, removing the black bars that made it hard to see the full scenes of some videos.

There are some videos which have been shot in landscape mode originally, so they will still feature the black bars.

Good news today if you love watching videos as YouTube is now displaying vertical videos the correct way. So people are still confused about the availability of this feature for iOS platform now. There is at present no report on when Android will get the new power player.

YouTube has been planning on making a change to support vertical videos.

The only real downside here is that not all vertical videos will work correctly on YouTube, even with this update. But with this new update, you can see the full view screen on your device just by holding it with the right way.

Gone are the days when you have to turn your phone and see a video with black bars around it.

YouTube has officially announced this new Vertical Video support update for iOS platform on a popular microblogging site, Twitter. You can find out the Tweet below. As put on The Verge, more and number of videos uploaded on YouTube take the form of the vertical structure.

Google has pushed this new update as a server-side update and hence it will take some time to reach out to your location. Experts warn that there might be transition period considering that the update was only just released.

The YouTube application on iOS has till now been flawless with evenly shot recordings; vertical and square recordings are typically shown with dark bars around them.

Google had as of late settled on the choice to bring down the authority YouTube application from Amazon's Fire TV gadgets.