Alabama coach's playbook stolen before title game


Of course, even if Georgia knew the Alabama playbook inside and out (and there's no real reason to believe that was the case), it didn't wind up mattering, as the Crimson Tide defeated the Bulldogs 26-23 in overtime.

Police have released new surveillance pictures after an Alabama football coach's backpack was stolen before the National Championship in Atlanta. He told police that the bag contained his playbook, two cellphones, his iPad, passport, sunglasses, reading glasses and his wallet - which included $1,320.

The playbook belonged to Alabama defensive line coach Karl Dunbar. Crimson Tide defensive linemen used this room as a meeting area before the game.

According to a police report, some of the items were found in a restroom on the third floor of the hotel, but the playbook is still missing.

First reported by Tyisha Fernandes of WSB in Atlanta, Dunbar left his backpack in a room in the team's hotel.

We'll update this situation as more becomes known.

Side note: what are the chances this playbook shows up at SEC Media Days this summer in the hands of some Bammer looking to get it signed by Saban? Getting a head start on next year's title game?