AT&T drops plan to sell Huawei smartphone in US


"The U.S. market presents unique challenges for Huawei, and while the HUAWEI Mate 10 Pro will not be sold by U.S. carriers, we remain committed to this market now and in the future", it said.

Not signing this deal with AT&T won't completely knock Huawei out of the US market, but the Mate 10 Pro won't sell anywhere near as well as they anticipated.

TechCrunch contacted ZTE and Huawei for comment but we had not heard back from either company at the time of writing.

America's second largest mobile carrier, AT&T, has just backed out from a deal with Huawei, Wall Street Journal reports.

It looks that more and more Android phones could become available to purchase at the US Microsoft Store this year.

Huawei is the TOP 3 smartphone manufacturer in the world, along with Apple and Samsung. In it, concerns were raised over the major US telecommunications carrier's collaboration with Huawei.

According to Reuters, AT&T was pressured to pull out of the deal after 18 members of the US Senate and House intelligence committees signed a letter to regulators expressing concerns about Chinese companies getting involved in US telecoms.

China warned yesterday that American protectionism was on the rise after congressional documents showed that Chinese technology giant Huawei's designs on the U.S. market were causing national security concerns in Washington. But a number of politicians reject the deal and question online security in the United States. But the longest lasting flagship isn't one of them as the title belongs to the Huawei Mate 10 Pro. It was launched in Europe in October with a price tag of 799 euros ($955). According to a report via The Information, the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) sent a letter to AT&T saying that Huawei has "alleged ties to the Communist Party as well as China's intelligence and security services".

Gal Gadot, the Israeli actress who played the title role in the 2017 Warner Bros. movie "Wonder Woman", is the new celebrity sponsor of Chinese telecommunications company Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. Ms. Gadot will join Huawei's marketing efforts as the company introduces its Mate10 Pro mobile phone to USA market.