Bella Thorne's BF Defends Mudslide Tweet ... Back Off, Rob Lowe!


Bella wrote on Wednesday, "f*ck you to 101 Santa Barbara", because the traffic jam was making her late.

After numerous notifications of people saying harsh comments to Bella, she deleted the original tweet and apologized.

After an outpouring of support, Bella told her fans: 'On Twitter I'm reading about all the people sharing their sexual abuse stories with me, from mine, and I just wanna say, I'm really proud of all you guys.

In just minutes after her tweet was sent, the public slammed the Duff actress along with actor Rob Lowe. In her tweet, the actress also said that she missed her boyfriend's first date on his tour because of the incident.

The 20-year-old, who boasts almost 7 million followers on Twitter, posted a second message after she realized her faux pas. "I am sending thoughts, prayer [s] and money to help!"

"This attitude is why people hate celebrities/Hollywood".

Lowe, who lives in the area affected, shared footage of the devastation online on Wednesday, writing: "More awful stories of loss today".

The traffic was caused by severe mudslides affecting southern California. She claimed that she was unaware of why Route 101 had to be shut down and urged people to get home safe, followed by a heart emoji.

There have been a number of deaths in Montecito, a wealthy area of Santa Barbara in which a number of celebrities live, including Lowe, Oprah Winfrey, Jeff Bridges and Ellen DeGeneres. What, we hope, Bella didn't realize is that the roadway was closed due to deadly mudslides. He wrote: "More bad stories of loss today". Pray for Montecito and know: EVERY day could be your last.

Hopefully, the wait isn't more than Bella Thorne can put up with.

About 100 homes were destroyed and 300 more damaged in the county.