Bill Murray Lampoons Steve Bannon in Hilarious SNL Cold Open


This week's broadcast of NBC's "Saturday Night Live" cold open parodied MSNBC's "Morning Joe", mocking the relationship between hosts Joe Scarborough and Mike Brzezinski.

Before Bannon pops up and pulls off his grim reaper hood to reveal Murray's old familiar face, Wolff (played by Fred Armisen, another show alum) gets a grilling on Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House.

It was then that "Saturday Night Live" producers hired veteran actor Alec Baldwin to play the satirical role of Donald Trump.

"Yes you did", Armisen's Wolff responded. Trump asked for two babies to be placed in his office, usually of different a ethnicity. Someone would put a bowl of Goldfish crackers on the other side of the room. And you liked it?

The cold open also includes a surprise appearance from Bill Murray as former White House chief strategist Stephen Bannon, who stepped down as chairman of Breitbart after being quoted in Wolff's book. "You had fun? So what's the problem, you got the gist, so shut up". He also plans to sell wrinkled barn jackets called Frumpers for guys and a spring skin care line called Blotch.

Murray's Bannon didn't let his moment go by without reminding everyone he was the one who convinced the country to elect Trump, though, and he threatened to "do it again". Next on the list could be controversial vlogger Logan Paul or incarcerated businessman Martin Shkreli. She talked about her potential candidacy, "I am a celebrity, so I'm qualified, but I am different from Donald Trump because I'm actually a billionaire". Closing the segment out was a satanical Oprah Winfrey to play off the speculation that she could run for president in 2020. There's only one job more powerful than being president.