Bouygues to bring Google Assistant to Android TV


The search giant is working with Lenovo, Sony, LG and JBL to bring these Assistant-powered Smart displays to the market.

Lenovo's making friends with Google Assistant through a new device called the Lenovo Smart Display, that will play music, connect to other smart devices, including Nest products, and even let you make video calls. Having it answer questions verbally is useful, of course, but using Google Assistant to do things like pull up a recipe, start playing a video on YouTube, or show off an album in Google Photos is better still.

The Lenovo Smart Display's clean, minimalist design not only aims to blend into your home but also aims to add a modern touch to it.

While third-party app support is on the way, the Lenovo smart displays won't be available right away.

"With the Google Assistant on smart displays, you can hear and see the help you need". The Smart Display comes in two models. The Smart Display can do basically everything you'd expect a Google Assistant-powered device to be able to do.

The Lenovo Smart Display will be available this summer, with the 8-inch model costing $199 and the 10-inch model costing $249.

The company's GVA line will feature three speakers ranging in price from $140-$200, and all of them will allow for direct use of Google Assistant.

The Google Smart Display devices are bound to utilise the Android Things platform and will provide Google Assistant on demand.

It's always been rumored that Google has plans to release a Google Home device with a built-in display.

JBL's Smart Display goes by the name of the Link View, and while it serves the same general goal as the Lenovo Smart Display, its design is quite a bit different. "Good morning" had Google Assistant turn on a nearby light, tell us the traffic for our commute, remind us about appointments and then fire up the current news on YouTube. Both displays look sharp and colourful, with the 8-inch one feeling like the ideal size for a device like this. Video calling is enabled with a 5MP camera (front facing obviously).

"Lenovo's Smart Display will be priced at USD249.99 (around RM1,004) for the 10" variant while the 8" model will retail for USD199.99 (around RM803). The JBL LINK View should be here by this summer, though we don't yet know pricing. The aim with the platforms is to support rapid production and commercialization of AI-equipped home hub products featuring Google services, such as Cast, TensorFlow, Duo, and Maps.