California agents seize Chris Brown's pet capuchin monkey


Some of Grammy-winning singer's online followers notified the California Department of Fish and Wildlife after he shared on December 6 an Instagram video of his three-year-old daughter Royalty, whom he shares with Nia Guzman, cuddling Fiji.

The website reports that having bought a baby Capuchin, named Fiji, the 28-year-old pop star could be heading to jail as he never got a permit for the animal.

Chris Brown has been forced to surrender his pet capuchin monkey to authorities after failing to obtain a permit for the exotic animal. The singer could face time behind bars and criminal charges for not obtaining a permit for his pet monkey, according to TMZ.

It should also be worth noting that Fiji, the monkey, is now in good hands and doing just fine.

Brown was not home when agents executed a search warrant on 2 January, but employees handed the animal over and he has since agreed to cooperate, according to the department's Captain Patrick Foy. Chris told everyone to chill.

It seems that Chris has managed to bring about his latest supposed spat with the law in California, as he's not exactly been shy about publicising the fact he owns a monkey.

The monkey business comes just after Chris and singer Jacquees, 23, announced they've joined forces for a joint mixtape. News, "We are confident that the City Attorney has more pressing problems than monkey business".

His longtime lawyer Mark Geragos told the US gossip site that he could not believe law enforcement officials had dealt with his client so harshly.

The case has already been referred to the L.A. City Attorney office and a misdemeanor charge could be coming Chris Brown's way.