David Letterman's first guest on new talk show: Barack Obama


Americans are living in partisan "bubbles" that worsen political divisions and reinforce biases, former President Barack Obama told David Letterman in a rare extended interview.

You may have heard about his Fox News comments today from Fox News itself, wherein Obama either "ripped" or "slammed" the network.

"What the Russians exploited but it was already here is we are operating in completely different information universes".

Based on the guest list, descriptions and photo that you have seen so far in this TV Blog, please raise your hand if you are excited about this new David Letterman interview show.

"And she says, 'Yeah, you look like a guy who really knows how to party, '" Letterman said. Not only did the company pull Letterman out of retirement, but it bought Jerry Seinfeld's "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee" series last year and released two Dave Chappelle stand-up specials on New Year's Eve. Obama clearly imposed parameters on the conversation-of the "T" words, "tweet" is mentioned only in passing, and "Trump" not at all-and as such, it produces no great moment of liberal catharsis, save for allowing viewers to luxuriate in an hour of restraint and grace, as well as complete and coherent sentences. A little longer, a little less aggressive and a little more ponderous than the Letterman we remember. "How big a setback is the current administration (to civil rights)?".

Otherwise the debut of Letterman's next act is interesting if not groundbreaking, featuring a few pre-taped segments with Congressman John Lewis talking about the Civil Rights Movement while he and Letterman cross the Edmund Pettus Bridge, with a deeply moved Letterman then talking in depth with Lewis about what it was like to help lead the famous march into Selma, Alabama. It is also Mr. Obama's first talk show guesting since he left his presidential post in January 2017.

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Reflecting on his own presidency, Obama said that in retrospect he wished he hadn't been so quick to let the constraints of the office change how he interacted with the public - an observation that might suggest he had a degree of envy that Trump has not followed suit.

"I had a show for a long time", Letterman said in his new show's trailer. "Meanwhile, Michelle and finished scrubbing and she's organizing closets and all this, and I was just pretty pathetic".

"It is a major setback to the hopes, the dreams and aspirations of a people".

"Mr. President, this is what I'm struggling with at this point in my life: I have been nothing but lucky". When John Lewis was marching, me and my friends were driving to Florida to get on a cruise ship to go to the Bahamas because there was no age limit to purchasing alcohol. Why was I not aware?

First and foremost, the best thing about My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman is that David Letterman is back.