Facebook photo showing murder weapon helps police to arrest friend-killer


Ottawa/Canada: January 18: A Canadian woman has been convicted of killing her friend after the police found evidence of murder from a selfie.

It has now emerged that a Facebook selfie post showing both girls indicated the belt found near Gargol's body and that was what made Antoine a suspect as she was wearing the exact same belt.

Yes, and that's why the judge agreed to a seven-year sentence when she pleaded guilty to manslaughter (rather than the second-degree murder she was originally charged with).

Gargol's body was found dumped near a roadway in Saskatchewan, Canada.

The original account Antoine gave of events raised some suspicions, as she claimed the pair separated after visiting several bars when Gargol left with a man and Antoine went to visit her uncle.

Investigators arrested Antoine past year after finding the selfie showing her wearing the same belt used to kill her friend.

An anonymous tip eventually led police to a witness, a person who Antoine had hysterically confessed the crime to that evening.

In court, Antoine said Gargol had been her best friend; on the day of the killing the pair gone out drinking and got into an argument. Charges were laid against Antoine nearly two years to the day of Gargol's death.

Police understood that Antoine's Facebook post on Gargol's own page the next morning - "Where are you?"

"I'll never forgive myself".

"Nothing I say or do will ever bring her back", the statement said.

At her court appearance Monday, Antoine's lawyer, Lisa Watson, said her client suffered through sexual, emotional and physical abuse as she grew up in foster care, CTV reported.

In addition, Antoine posted a lengthy message that wondered about Gargol's whereabouts on the night of her death.

"Most days we can't stop thinking about Brittney, what happened that night, what she must have felt fighting for her life", Jennifer Gargol said.

In a statement from Gargol's family after charges were laid last year, they said their "prayers have been answered" have a "difficult two-year period".