Film-maker projects 'shithole' on Trump hotel in Washington


Guests and passersby alike were stunned to see the word "s***hole" projected in huge letters onto the Trump International Hotel in Washington DC Saturday night.

The leaders had been meeting to discuss immigration reforms, and Haiti in particular was a subject of discussion following the Trump administration's decision to revoke temporary protected status from Haitians, who had sought the legal protections following the 2010 quake that devastated the country.

Video posted on Twitter shows the words "This Place is a Shithole" projected onto the walls of the hotel Saturday night, alongside poop emojis, and an arrow pointing at the establishment's arched entrance.

"This is not normal", a segment of the display read, along with messages to "stay vigilant" and "#resist".

Bell has made news headlines in the past for projecting various messages on buildings with political ties.

Trump is being sued by activists for allegedly violating a clause of the constitution banning presidents from receiving cash gifts by foreign governments. In May, Bell projected on the same D.C. hotel "emoluments welcome" and "pay Trump bribes here."

Regarding Trump's alleged remarks, in a statement to The Washington Post, a White House spokesperson didn't directly address Trump's comments, which haven't been denied by White House officials, but instead defended the president's immigration policy.

Trump asked why the U.S. should accept immigrants from Haiti and "shithole countries" in Africa, rather than places like Norway.

What's more, people are taking to review apps and services like Yelp to use the same word to describe multiple properties - from hotels to restaurants - associated with Trump.

The United Nations human rights office rejected the president's remark, which they labeled as "racist". "You can not dismiss entire countries and continents as 'shitholes" whose entire populations, who are not white, are therefore not welcome".