First responders search for 8 still missing after California mudslides


More than 100 homes were destroyed, and another 300 have been damaged.

Berkeley Johnson said the two-year-old girl was taken to hospital and suffered an injury to her hip.

Damaged homes, mud and debris near Randall Road. In Santa Barbara County, southbound Highway 101 is shut down at Milpas Street.

The rain had all but vanished by Tuesday evening, but the threat of additional mudslides remained.

Search efforts are being hampered by a treacherous landscape strewn with boulders and rescuers having to tackle a cement-like mud which reaches shoulder-high in some places. I walked out back, you know, where we share a fence line, and the neighbors out back, their houses are gone.

"We've got a window that's closing but we're still very optimistic we've got some time".

Those who have stayed in the area have been warned to boil their tap water before drinking it.

Residents of the mudslide-hit area were assessing their damaged homes, with some grateful their properties had survived.

Diane Brewer, one of Gower's friends, told CNN: "For some reason, she opened the front door" and was swept away". My property is fine.

An evacuation order was issued in a section of the Los Angeles suburb of Burbank, which was hit by a mudslide that pulled cars out of driveways and carried them downstream.

"Mourning the dead in our little town tonight", Lowe said. The rain really started coming down around 3 a.m., he said, and then the sky lit up from a "huge fireball" up the mountain, he said. Homes and historic hotels were battered or swept away altogether. The wildfire left charred hillsides without vegetation cover to hold the heavy rainfall. Emergency services attributed this to "evacuation fatigue" after last month's fires.

"We were all exhausted of it", said Montecito resident David Cradduck, 66, who stayed.

About 7000 residents in Santa Barbara County were ordered to evacuate before the downpour on Tuesday, and another 23,000 were urged to do so voluntarily.

On a Facetime call from outside her home, Winfrey described the scene as she waded through a sea of mud. "You have to put a shield up and do your job and just remember. that's not to say that it doesn't upset us but when we're out here we just do our job".

"Thanks everyone for your prayers and concern", she wrote. Earlier in the day, officials put the number of missing at just eight. A member of the Long Beach Search and Rescue team looks for survivors in a auto in Montecito, Calif., Jan. 9, 2018.

"The firefighters saved a 14-year-old girl who was stuck for several hours in a destroyed house in Montecito", they added.