FLORIDA MAN Gets A Bear Attack Beat Down!


A swipe from a bear's paw is one of the most risky in the animal kingdom and Andy was left with a huge gash on his face which required 44 stitches.

"I've seen them before, just never 2 feet away, swinging at me", he said.

The bear that attacked Meunier has not been caught, but trapping efforts to capture it will continue, Parrish told via the nypost. Meunier, who later claimed the bear was one of three that were all roughly 5 feet in height, was rushed to the hospital where he underwent four hours of surgery, reports the station. He managed to get up and back into his apartment where his 7-year-old was sleeping before the bear could attack again.

"I came outside and he was right there and I tried to run and it wasn't fast enough", said Meunier.

"It felt like somebody punch me", he said. "It wasnt until I got back inside, looked down at my hand, and saw blood all over". It was terrible and she came downstairs wondering where I was... "It could've been a totally different story", said Meunier. Doughnuts have been placed in the traps because it's candies that attract the bears.

Naples resident Andy Meunier is lucky to be alive after a chance encounter with a black bear outside his home on Tuesday.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission (FWC) has placed donut traps around the area hoping to lure the bear.

According to WINK News in Florida, the attack is the first documented bear attack in the state of Florida since 1970.