'Give good reasons for slavery' homework assigned to 4th graders


Administrators at Our Redeemer Lutheran High School, Wisconsin, on Wednesday, apologized for an assignment that they gave to 4th Grader students asking them to write "3 "good" reasons for slavery and 3 bad reasons".

School principal Jim Van Dellen says the assignment was meant to spark debate in class but admits it was out of line.

The students at Our Redeemer Lutheran School in Wauwatosa, Milwaukee, were asked the question: 'Give three good reasons for slavery and three bad reasons'.

There has been an uprising of parents speaking out against homework assignments and classroom lessons that they feel are too offensive and inappropriate for kids.

Principal Van Dellen vowed to better communicate sensitive subjects being discussed in class with parents before presenting it to students.

Brown-Berry posted an update on Facebook Tuesday, thanking those who joined her in calling out the racially insensitive assignment. The 9-year-old also finished the assignment by saying, "I am proud to be black because we are strong and courageous".

Trameka Brown-Berry, a nursing student at Alverno College and the mother of one of the students, Jerome, who got the racist assignment, posted a picture of it on Facebook, with a caption, "Does anyone else find my fourth-grader's homework offensive?" "Because that leads to change", she said. Brown-Berry said to the news station.

He sent a letter to parents and students Tuesday, saying, "The objective of the assignment was not, in any way, to have students argue that any slavery is acceptable". The mom said Principal Van Dellen was prompt in addressing her concerns, which included the removal of the assignment from "current and future curriculum", apologies to both the children and parents, and cultural diversity training for staff and teachers. He also ensured that these kind of situations would not occur again. She tells Fox 6, "And for it to be a Christian school, they could have said something like, 'What are three good things we can do to prevent slavery from happening?'"

The teacher in question has not been identified and it is unclear if the teacher was disciplined or not.