Gretchen Carlson to take over as chairwoman of the Miss America pageant


It's the first time a former victor has served as the leader of the almost 100-year-old organization.

Former Miss America CEO Sam Haskell, COO Josh Randle and Chairman Lynn Weidner resigned last month after HuffPost reported that Haskell and other leaders at the organization spoke derisively about previous Miss America contestants.

In addition to Carlson, Laura Kaeppeler Fleiss (Miss America 2012), Heather French Henry (Miss America 2000), and Kate Shindle (Miss America 1998) were also named to the Board as Directors.

"In the end, we all want a strong, relevant Miss America", she said.

Jan 2, 2018 Gretchen Carlson, the new Miss America board chair, speaking at a TED event in November.

Hagan and Shindle were subjects of the offensive emails. "We need to make sure that we keep ABC in our pocket and we need to see about how to move forward with someone like Dick Clark Productions or any other production company or team that might be interested in working with Miss America". "As she continues to destroy her own credibility, her voice will attract less and less notice while she continues her descent to an unhappy pathetic footnote".

The former leader of the Miss America organization is being replaced by one of her biggest critics.

"Most previously serving directors have resigned", the statement said. In 2016, after her contract with Fox expired, Carlson sued then Fox News Chairman and CEO, the late Roger Ailes, for sexual harassment.

Over several correspondences, the now-former chairman and CEO Sam Haskell and others reportedly body-shamed and slut-shamed former victor Mallory Hagan.

Those emails have already led the organization's television production partner to cut ties, and have raised questions about the pageant's future.

"The only solution that will #SaveMissAmerica is resignation of all board members", Carlson tweeted on December 27 in the wake of Haskell's resignation.