Hoda Kotb Was Only True 'Today' Option to Replace Lauer


NBC declared on Tuesday that Kotb would be replacing Matt Lauer as the co-grapple of the "Today" appear after Lauer was blamed for sexual unfortunate behavior in the working environment.

Page Six reports (citing "NBC sources") that Kotb will make the same as Guthrie: $7 million per year. Lauer's astronomical salary also could reflect the 25 years he was on the show, the insider added. Over time, that makes them more valuable and more hard to let go. 'This has to be the most popular decision NBC News has ever made'.

The glaring discrepancy between Lauer and Kotb's salaries raises questions about what kind of people are valued at NBC. She joined the network in 1998 as a correspondent for "Dateline".

Kotb was born in Norman, Oklahoma, and grew up in Morgantown, West Virginia, and as well as suburban Washington (Alexandria, Virginia) She lived in New Orleans throughout the 1990s.

Newly-appointed Today show co-host Hoda Kotb is reportedly making $18 million less than her predecessor, serial sexual harasser Matt Lauer, who was ousted from the company in December.

Al Roker, Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb prepare for segment on the set of NBC's Today Show, November 29, 2017 in New York City.

Another factor to consider is that NBC is probably a LOT less interested in making big deals with talent after throwing money at Megyn Kelly, only to have the former Fox News anchor disappoint in the ratings department.

Hoda Kotb may have just landed Matt Lauer's old job, but she didn't land his hefty paycheck. "Hoda, you are a partner, and a friend, and a sister, and I am so happy to be doing this". According to Page Six, Hoda, 53, and her co-star Savannah Guthrie, 46, are now both earning $7 million per year at NBC.

But, I can hear some of you say, he was with the show forever. Though Hoda was just given the coveted co-anchor job on Tuesday, Jan. 2, she's been with the network for almost 10 years since joining in 2008.

NBC and a representative for Kotb did not return HuffPost's requests for comment. News earlier today. "And he said some nice words..." Hoda will still host with Kathie Lee even while serving as co-anchor to Guthrie. I wanted to feel good throughout.