Intel Talks Data, Breaks World Record for Drones at CES


The rest, he said, will come by the end of January.

Neuromorphic chips could ultimately be used anywhere real-world data needs to be processed in evolving real-time environments.

Speaking at the keynote address, Krzanich spoke on a diverse range of topics, but was first compelled to address the elephant in the room.

Krzanich also discussed Intel's role as technology partner for the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympic Winter Games, saying it would provide the largest ever VR experience across a total of 30 events both live and on-demand using its Intel True VR solution. The executives said 2 million cars with Mobileye technology would be on roads this year gathering data for high-definition maps necessary for autonomous driving. "Data is going to redefine how we experience life - in our work, in our homes..."

Intel also said that it would join forces with SAIC and NavInfo, a digital mapping company, to extend the crowdsourced map building that is necessary to roll out self-driving vehicles to China.

Krzanich began his keynote addressing a security glitch recently discovered in nearly every Intel processor chip made in the last decade.

How artificial intelligence, 5G connectivity, and big data will shape the technology-centric future were all talking points at this year's Intel CES exhibit.

Intel has said that it will cooperate with any investigation.

Closing out the presentation, Intel's CEO showcased the company'new automated driving platform.

In addition to Intel firmware updates, the Meltdown and Spectre flaws also generally require operating system updates.

"A common element to all of the published attacks for all three vulnerability variants of these attacks so far has been the use of cache timing attacks to leak the read speculatively read data to the attacker", Capsule 8 stated in a blog post.

While the earlier models were all about storing this data as a static commodity, now the data will move all around us at unimaginable speeds, Krzanich said. And Krzanich showed off a more advanced "qubit" chip for powerful quantum computing.

Whether Intel sees a slew of defectors or is forced to offer discounts, the company could take a hit to one of its fastest growing business units.

During his speech, Krzanich announced Intel's opening of a movie studio and an exploratory partnership with Paramount Pictures to make films that would immerse the viewer directly into the action.

Intel also touted its Volocopter, an autonomous drone, which Krzanich described as "essentially a flying auto".

Focused on the future of AI, Krzanich announced a partnership with Ferrari North America use Intel's AI technologies to apply data from the racetrack to improve the experience for fans and drivers.