Is The Prince Of Persia Franchise Ready For Ressurection?


Of course, there's certainly a fan base out there hungry for more Prince of Persia, so we'll have to wait and see if Ubisoft and Mechner can come together for a new game.

Speaking on Twitter, Jordan Mechner responded to comments from Chrissy Teigan, who lamented the loss of the franchise and revealed how much she enjoyed playing it.

"Chrissy, I know a few other people who feel the same way", he said. Since then, Mechner has had his hands in several other Prince of Persia games, including the initial reboot that occurred in 2001 when the video game company Ubisoft took over the series' publishing rights.

Obviously, the big hurdle surrounding Prince of Persia seems to be whether or not Ubisoft would be willing to dive back into the series, especially with Assassin's Creed, another game in the same style of Prince of Persia, having found success with their last game.

The Prince of Persia franchise was replaced by Assassins Creed years ago. Though the tweet doesn't confirm that a new Prince of Persia game is in development, it does offer fans a great deal of hope. Look at the best old games on PC for more grim reminders of your mortality. What's more, the original Assassin's Creed was actually going to be a true spin-off from the Prince of Persia series before it was fully realized. If we ever see the return of Prince of Persia, be sure to check back at GameZone for the announcement.