IV shortage being felt nationwide due to Hurricane Maria


The scarcity leads back to Hurricane Maria. That realization came with a broader one, that greater knowledge of where crucial supplies come from is essential to plan for the future.

They predict supplies will be back to normal in March. "We get together, we spend all day together". "We need to remain agile and keep key personnel informed of what supply we have". And Junta for Progressive Action met with almost 300 families, setting them up in local hotels and offering winter clothes and gift cards, said Alicia Caraballo, the executive director. However, that may not be a bad thing in the long run.

BJC HealthCare has been centrally monitoring and internally managing the shortage since the plants shut down, and we have optimized our inventory over the past several months.

The strength-in-numbers approach also is part of the solution at Brattleboro Memorial Hospital.

At Southwestern Vermont Medical Center in Bennington, administrators have made purchasing and procedural changes to ensure the shortage's impact is "very minimal", Pharmacy Director Rob Sherman said.

"The exodus is getting bigger, not smaller", Murphy said. "Everyone needs to know that these are little golden nuggets right now".

This IV shortage is not causing major issues in NY due to the alternative measures that responders can take in order to monitor saline usage. "I had my dream job and everything (in Puerto Rico)".

Two events aimed to raise awareness about the effects of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico will take place later this month at Illinois State University. That island was almost annihilated by Hurricane Maria on September 20, 2017.

"Just before the holidays, Baxter - a leading producer of IV saline fluids - announced that all their facilities on the island have returned to the commercial power grid".

IV fluid
An IV fluid bag at Brattleboro Memorial Hospital

Puerto Rico, though roughly the size of CT, has a population of roughly the size of Kansas.

"As the nurse, we look at our patients and see if there is any possible way to give a fluid, electrolyte a medication in any way other than an IV fluid", Owens-Pike said. Amino acids are critical for patients who are not able to eat and need to receive their nutrition intravenously.

Statistics showcased Maria causing the largest blackout in USA history.

To help meet some of the demand, the company had gotten special permission from the FDA for the importation of certain products from Baxter plants in Ireland, Australia, Canada, Mexico, England and Italy.

FPL line workers are joining acrewalready on the ground helping restore service to one of seven regions on the island, Orlove said. And in Puerto Rico, it's a more important tradition than Santa Claus.

"I can go to Puerto Rico for (a) visit, but I prefer to stay here", she said, through an interpreter.

Thompson, of Tufts, added that they will continue to operate in the mode of preserving every bag and every product.

"We're not out of the woods, but it's improved", UVM's Miceli said.