Jaguars vs. Steelers 2018 odds: Jacksonville a clear betting underdog at Pittsburgh


Leonard Fournette accentuated the victory with a 90 yard touchdown run. Jacksonville found few holes against the Bills until quarterback Blake Bortles started scrambling in the second half. You can run on this Jacksonville front, although the numbers are skewed because nobody wanted to throw on them all year.

Fournette took two steps then vaulted into the air at the 4. Because he took the handoff from, leaped from inside the 5-yard line and landed a yard deep in the end zone.

Fans can write well-wishes on a send-off banner at City Hall and share their team spirit with City Council members, Jaxson de Ville, THE ROAR of the Jaguars and Jax Pack from 2:30 - 3:30 p.m. Friday.

Against the Steelers in week five, Ramsey played a huge role, intercepting Roethlisberger once and getting seven tackles, while Campbell had four tackles and four quarterback hits.

But these are the three big defensive keys to victory.

The Pittsburgh Steelers made it all the way to the AFC Championship Game a year ago, but fell just short of the Super Bowl, as they were beaten by the New England Patriots.

On the ground, Le'Veon Bell rushed for 1,291 yards and nine touchdowns in 321 attempts to lead the way for the Steelers. They are, by far, the more experienced side: 14 Patriots players have played at least 10 playoff games. "We got a playoff win".

"This is a playoff game, so I don't really care if it was Joe Montana", Byard said.

Jacksonville already has done that, routing the Steelers at Heinz Field 30-9 in Week 5. Will this young team be able to handle the pressure if they are behind and need a late fourth quarter comeback to win?

Like the Bills last weekend, there's a strong chance the Titans could slip into the "just glad to be here" mindset and lose by a touchdown or more.

A group of die-hard Jaguars fans is about to show just how "die-hard" they are for the hometown team.

Last year's Wild Card game was the first time all three Killer B's, Ben, Brown, and Bell, were on the field for a postseason game together. Since the Jaguars acquired Dareus, opposing running backs have managed a successful run rate of just 34.9%. "It's not like we're going to shut it down for a couple plays and they're going to pass the rest of the game". "We want to intimidate opponents".

Bortles included. For all of his occasional issues throwing the ball, Bortles can make up for it with his legs. That included catching two passes for 49 yards in Week 5. He had four runs of 10 yards or more. LB T.J. Watt was only National Football League rookie with at least five sacks (7), and an interception (1).

But Mitchell's comments seem to fall under coach Mike Tomlin's philosophy. It's unsafe, we respect it.

And tackle. And not get so caught up in trying to get to Bortles that they let him squirt loose, a bad habit Pittsburgh picked up at times this season even as it led the National Football League and set a franchise record with 55 sacks, one more than the Jaguars.

"You have to treat every game like it could be your last because you never know when it is", Roethlisberger said. But you have another All-Pro corner on the other side who wants a piece of that too. "He's a great safety and can't wait to get at it with him once again". The offense has gone into the tank without Wentz, and Philadelphia is averaging4.3 yards per play,1.9 punts per offensive score and is converting on only23.7 percent of third downs in its last three games.