James Cameron Calls Eliza Dushku 'Brave' for Revealing 'Heartbreaking' Assault


Cameron appeared before press Saturday at the Television Critics Association's winter press tour to support AMC's Visionaries: James Cameron's Story of Science Fiction. "I was on the True Lies set for 3 weeks and reported Joel Kramer's inappropriate sexual behavior towards 12-year-old Eliza to a person in authority", Booth-Forbes said in her statement. "She just ruined me". Obviously, Eliza is very fearless for speaking up.

Expressing a need for change across the board, Cameron continued, "I think this has been endemic throughout human systems, not just Hollywood". I'm glad Eliza did that.

Cameron called it "heartbreaking that it happened to her" on his film. The fact that this was happening under our very noses and we didn't know about it... That they feel safe. "When he was 'finished", he suggested, 'I think we should be careful...,' [about telling anyone] he meant. "Unfortunately, it's founded on the personal tragedies for so many women". This is a reckoning for the human race. "I am grateful to the women and men who have gone before me in recent months", she wrote. A lot of it has to come from a lack of empathy. The psychological consequences have to be understood.

Kramer has worked behind-the-scenes on blockbuster such as Mr and Mrs Smith, Blade Runner andFast and The Furious 7 added that he thought the allegations were "just insane", insisting he "treated her like a daughter". "There's really no mercy now". I never sexually molested her.

Dushku, who is now engaged, claimed he put on a movie and went into the bathroom before emerging naked, "bearing nothing but a small hand towel held flimsy at his mid-section". Eliza admitted that the #MeToo movement inspired her to come out toward her abuse and it gave her "the ability to speak out". The actress added that on the way back to her parents, he pulled her onto his lap during a taxi ride, but grew "cold" to her in subsequent encounters. The friend confronted Kramer later on set and that same day Dushku ended up in the hospital with three broken ribs after a stunt went wrong. "It has been indescribably exhausting, bottling this up inside me for all of these years".

Buffy The Vampire Slayer star, Eliza, has claimed Arnie's body double on set of True Lies molested her when she was 12. "He was supposed to be my protector, he was my abuser", Dushku writes.

Dushku said she has only now come forward because of other victims who have spoken out amid the sex abuse scandal sweeping Hollywood.

"Sharing these words, finally calling my abuser out publicly by name, brings the start of a new calm", she wrote. Kramer tells the Wrap that Duskhu's claims are "absolute lies" that "could ruin my career". We all looked out for her.

"Ever since, I have struggled with how and when to disclose this, if ever", she posted on her Facebook. Lies, lies, lies. This is just insane.

As for the injury Dushku wrote about, Kramer says there would be a production report. "I'm probably going to have to talk to an attorney at some point, that will cost me thousands of dollars to get to the bottom of this, but why would I want to countersue and ruin her life?" It was important that Eliza trusted me and the stunt team.