JK Education Minister hits back at army chief


Significantly, heightened border monitoring and aerial surveillance by the Indian security forces has further forced Pakistan's notorious Border Action Team (BAT) to shelve its plan to carry out lethal sniper attacks targeting the Indian troops and border outposts. "Should they wish to test our resolve they may try and see it for themselves". "But we believe it's a weapon of deterrence, not a choice". "It is the credible nuclear power that has barricaded India from making advancement", he said.

"There are two flags in the state, we have J&K constitution and India's constitution also. You need to teach students about the country and the state as well", added Bukhari. "Education is a State subject and falls well within the State's domain", Mr. Bukhari said.

"They must not remain in illusion", he warned. General Rawat's remark had come in response to a question on possibility of Pakistan using its nuclear weapons in case the situation along the border deteriorated.

"These are not issues to be taken lightly".

Cautioning India to refrain from any misadventure, Foreign Office Spokesman Dr Mohammad Faisal said the style of threatening represented India's sinister mindset.

He added that statements like this are unbecoming from a person of a responsible stature. "We will have to call their nuclear bluff", he said, according to Indian daily Hindustan Times. "Let them do their responsibility", he said.

The top military general said: "We are not getting into alliances but we are seeking support of other group of nations in the region so that we are not isolated against an assertive China".

"We are examining various dimensions of the proposal", he said. Claiming that the Army lays stress on human rights, he said rules of engagement while tackling terrorists in such thickly populated areas are strictly followed. "Very soon we will have a hotline with the Chinese side", he said.

Rawat said the issue of exercising some amount of control over mosques and madrasas to check the flow of disinformation was being looked into.

He said that J&K has a capable chief minister here who is there to supervise and take review of different departments.