'Mario Tennis Aces' announced for the Nintendo Switch


Many reports stats has cleared that no doubt Switch was the victor a year ago who is the most selling console.

Super Mario Odyssey and Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle fans have some new content to look forward to as well.

Though one of the Wii U's lesser-known first-party titles, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker was a puzzle game that was absolutely worth the $20 asking price.

Runner3 is the latest entry in the Bit.Trip series.

Nintendo will also add three new outfits to the game: Sunshine Shades, a Musician Hat, and Knight Armor. But Nintendo also announced that Donkey Kong will make his debut on Switch this year, with Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze releasing on May 4th. The game will be available from April 24.

Zoink's Fe marks the second EA release on the Switch, and considering the Switch audience's reception to Indie games, it's likely going to be a victor (that and it's only $19.99).

Starting in February, a bunch of already-great Nintendo Switch games are getting new stuff. So, get ready to punish some angels and demons with melee attacks and gunplay. During a recent Nintendo Direct Mini broadcast, the company announced "Mario Tennis #Aces" for the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo says the mode will add "a variety of missions, boss battles and more". As of this writing, there's still no confirmation on how many players can join the matches. GDC 2018 will once again showcase the games created on the fifth TrainJam, a two-day game jam that takes place on an Amtrak train travelling from Chicago to the conference in San Francisco. All of them seem to be notable additions, though the absence of similar news on Fire Emblem Warriors or Xenoblade 2 (which have expansion passes) is mildly befuddling. Nintendeal claims this is the best indicator that a new Direct is coming.

According to Steam Database, Steam reached a new concurrent user milestone last week, with a record 18.5 million concurrent users logged on, and seven million in-game. The World Ends with You released in 2007 and is a wacky, inventive spin on the JRPG genre.

After much fan trolling, and some excruciating brand banter - or "branter" as editor Tom nicely terms it - Nintendo lifted the lid on some of the games coming to the Nintendo Switch in the first half of 2018. The game will be playable using traditional controls and touch screen allowing players to use the console in different ways.

Nintendo closed the Direct Mini with a major new announcements: Dark Souls: Remastered will bring the challenging 2011 action-RPG to Nintendo Switch with updated graphics. The second set will be released on March 23rd.

Despite being weaker in hardware specs it was Nintendo Switch which took the top spot yet again backed by it's unbelievable software.

Finally, Nintendo is adding some Switch-exclusive features to Donkey Kong. And if you aren't looking for a challenge, you can slow down the gameplay or activate an invincibility mode. Younger, less experienced players will be tended to in this iteration of the side-scroller, with the lovable surfboard-riding Funky Kong scoring his own mode. The teaser trailer for this new version of the iconic and hard title didn't show us much, but it did give us a date for its release: May 25.

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