Mary J. Blige Poses With New Star On Hollywood Walk Of Fame


"Ladies, let me tell you something / We come too far to lose / We'll win this battle / We suffer hard for love", she sings, adding, "Look what we're made of, lovely scars on us / This life is what we make it / Won't change a thing / Ain't worry about it, no". "There's been times that, in my career, that I didn't even want to step out of my house because I was hurt so bad", she admitted. The singer and actress were supported by her longtime friend, Diddy and record producer, Andre Harrel who both gave handsome speeches about her.

"I wanna thank God for this moment... God has given me the strength to keep going regardless of who hated me or what anyone said about me". "Look what we're made of", she adds. And we learned how to survive. Blige's star is the 2,626th star on the Walk of Fame since its completion in 1961.

After the release of her 1992 debut, "What's The 411", Blige became a multi-platinum music star.

Blige's other hit singles include "Not Gon' Cry", "Love Is All We Need", "Seven Days", "All That I Can Say", "Family Affair" and "Just Fine". She recently nominated for the Best Original Song at the 2018 Golden Globes for the song "Mighty River'and Best Supporting Actress role in the movie 'Mudbound". "I say it because I know that now, and I know my worth, and what this means", a teary-eyed Blige said at her ceremony.

A native of Bronx, New York, Blige said she loved to sing growing up because singing set her free.