Mike Tyson the marijuana mogul? He's high on Mojave resort


Mike Tyson made huge waves with his cameos in the Hangover films, but now the world-champion boxer is trying his hand at a different drug of choice. At least half of the land will be developed into cultivation facilities, leaving another 20 acres for proposed extract and edible production facilities, an amphitheatre, and "glamping campgrounds and cabins".

The plans come on the heels of the state's new law legalizing recreational use of marijuana.

The Tyson ranch will not only provide a flawless field for growing tonnes and tonnes of weed but will also be used as the place for studies related to marijuana and its plethora of benefits, especially the clinical ones.

He is also supporting former members of the armed forces with the operating company, Tyson Holistic, employing mainly veterans.

The website The Blast reported that Tyson broke ground on the land last month with business partners Robert Hickman and Jay Strommen.

Mike Tyson the marijuana mogul? Tyson Ranch will also feature the Tyson Cultivation School created to teach marijuana growers the latest methods in cannabis production. But The Blast's Gary Trock reported on January 1, the day California legalized recreational weed, that the future attraction is also set to feature a supply store, an "edible factory", a campground and an amphitheater.

Los Angeles and other nearby cities outside of West Hollywood have not finalized their local permitting rules so licenses to businesses in those jurisdictions are yet to be granted.

Basically, Tyson Ranch is a weed-lover's amusement park. Now, when he looks back on the lost opportunity, he says: "That's my biggest regret".

The former heavyweight champion was fined in 2000 for testing positive for marijuana, and he said in his memoir that he got high before major fights.

When he was sentenced for cocaine possession in 2007, he admitted he also used cannabis at the time.