New Push for Lawmakers to Help Displaced Puerto Rican Families


Hurricane Maria has altered the focus of a long-planned trip to Puerto Rico for Quinnipiac University students involved in a travel overseas program.

"We've never went overseas..."

The hospital said they've also been performing IV pushes, which is a medication technique that delivers a dose of medication - injected all at once directly into a vein or access port - to produce an immediate peak drug level in the patient's bloodstream.

While it has been a struggle, the shortage has not affected patient care at CoxHealth.

"Some facilities are getting virtually zero".

It's no secret flu season is in full-swing in the USA and for Wisconsin, experts said we're right on track with the rest of the country. Despite the lack of leadership, however, they said "miracles" are happening everyday as the people of Puerto Puerto Rico respond heroically to the challenges.

"This is a serious situation and right now we are at the limits of our conservation and adaptation strategy", said Dr. Paul Biddinger, director of the Center for Disaster Medicine and vice chairman for emergency preparedness at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.

Its members have been swapping products with other infusion services and even limiting the number of new patients they accept.

The Food and Drug Administration says relief is on the way.

They've also been changing some procedures, like trying to switch people off IV bags as soon as possible and not starting patients on IV drips during surgery until it's certain they are needed.

The shortage has forced hospitals to use bigger, less convenient bags.

"Restoring reliable product supply for our patients and customers remains our priority, and we are making progress on the road to a full recovery of our operations", the company said in a statement sent to The Vindicator on Wednesday.