Plane stops on cliff's edge after skidding off runway in Turkey


All 162 passengers, 2 pilots and 4 cabin crew have been disembarked safely from the aircraft. However, the images of the plane about to fall off into the Black Sea gives an idea just how miraculous the plane's escape has been.

Pegasus said in a statement the aircraft had been successfully evacuated and no injuries were reported.

A passenger jet has skidded off a runway in northern Turkey.

The airport, situated in the Turkish province of the same name, was closed for several hours afterwards but has since reopened. "Thank God for this".

Another passenger, Fatma Gordu, told private Dogan news agency that there was a loud sound after landing. "There was panic, people shouting, screaming".

Trabzon Gov. Yucel Yavuz said that investigators were trying to determine why the plane had left the runway.

"We stayed inside the plane for at least 20 minutes waiting for someone to help us", said one of the passengers.

The flight originated in the capital, Ankara.