Rubio To Hold Hearing On 'Sonic Attacks' On US Diplomats In Cuba


Marco Rubio sent out a series of tweets on Sunday about the medical mystery affecting American embassy workers in Cuba.

"The idea that someone could somehow conduct an attack so sophisticated that we don't even know what it is without the Cuban government at least knowing about it to one USA government employee, not to mention 24 over a 12-month period, is ... ridiculous", Rubio said.

After the incidents, the United States recalled a number of non-essential diplomats and their families from Cuba and expelled 15 Cubans from the embassy in Washington.

The Cuban official categorically denied any responsibility of Cuban authorities on the alleged health problems reported by US diplomats, and underlined that Cuba has never perpetrated nor it would do harm to any foreign representative, not it would allowed third parties act against the physical integrity of any diplomat, without exception.

There is no doubt that the Cuban government conducted or was aware of the 2017 sonic attacks on USA diplomats in Havana, Sen.

While symptoms the diplomats and their family members experienced varied, Rubio also reported that in all 24 medically confirmed cases, victims have described some combination of the following: "sharp ear pain, tiresome headaches, ringing in one ear, vertigo, visual focusing issues, disorientation, nausea, and extreme fatigue".

"The objective tests that were done were not ones that basically were easily faked", Dr. Rosenfarb said, adding that the "findings suggest this is not a case of mass hysteria".

The Trump administration has demanded answers from the Cuban government to no avail.

"Throughout this process, we have not been able to identify who the perpetrator of such an attack was, or what the means of such an attack was", Palmieri said.

"The hearing symptoms could be part of another attack", Brown said.

Senator Robert Menendez, a Cuban-American and ranking Democrat on the Western Hemisphere subcommittee, said Cuba had failed to meet its worldwide obligations but also that the State Department response had been "inadequate and troubling".

The FBI has found no evidence that American diplomats in Havana were the victims of attacks with unknown weapons, according to Republican Sen.

The Senate is holding a hearing Tuesday on the mysterious "sonic attacks" that reportedly sickened USA diplomats and other personnel in Cuba.

How does the USA know their injuries resulted from deliberate attacks?

The lack of answers more than a year after the incidents started has emboldened Cuba's defenders to argue the US can't be certain anyone was harmed intentionally — especially since no proof has been publicly presented.

"It's a documented FACT that 24 US government officials and spouses were victims of some sort of sophisticated attack with stationed in Havana", Rubio tweeted Sunday.

Cuba has not questioned the health problems that the U.S. diplomats have suffered, but assures they were not the result of any attack.

Cuba has decried the reductions as an unjustified blow to U.S. "The Cubans bristle at the word 'attack.' I think they are justified at doing so". "I will push back on anybody who wants to force me to do that".

At the end of the hearing, Rubio suggested that a rogue element of the Cuban government or an outside party such as Russian Federation could have perpetrated the attacks.

"I still believe that the Cuban government, someone within the Cuban government can bring this to an end", Tillerson said.