Samsung unveils monstrous 146-inch modular MicroLED TV dubbed "The Wall"


Even better, the 8K QLED TV Samsung were using for the demo is actually expected to launch this year, though it's currently only confirmed for the U.S. and Korea for now. Dubbed as "The Wall", the huge screen is comprised ironically of a rather massive array of MicroLEDs. But the output is the most varied for years - with each player pushing completely different technologies and Samsung stealing most of the headlines with a 146-inch wall based TV.

In addition to the customizable Open Frame LG OLED displays demonstrated at CES, the 2018 family of LG OLED commercial displays includes jaw-dropping Wallpaper and Wallpaper-In-Glass models and innovative video wall units, as well as Dual-View Flat and Curved Tiling models. This year, LG created a valley of TV screens for attendees to walk through. This comes in handy for consumer applications because each household has varying restrictions on the viewable area on their walls. A big draw is that it's modular, which means users can customize the size and shape of the screen by adding or removing sections of it. The best part is that such customisability is claimed to have zero impact on the performance and image quality of the display. But because it is modular, it is much easier to ship and install in a home compared to most of the other very large displays.

The technology underlying The Wall is quite interesting.

Like OLED, MicroLED pixels are capable of emitting their own light, but replace the organic element of OLED with the inorganic substance, gallium nitride. It doesn't require color filters or backlighting.

Antonio Villas-Boas  Business Insider
Antonio Villas-Boas Business Insider

However, while OLED panels are improving, their peak brightness levels are limited compared to current LED (especially Samsung's QLED panels).

Almost all of the big vendors have moved away from 3D TVs, as the technology just didn't gain market acceptance. This TV has a modular design since it's made up of smaller borderless displays, all of which are interchangeable. Stream TV had a 65-inch 4K version (that it said features 8 million pixels), which should be shipping from partners later this year, and announced a partnership with Chinese panel maker BOE to build 8K sets. Well now it's time for 8K, according to Samsung, which says it will begin selling such a television before the end of this year.

Touted as a TV with artificial intelligence, the Samsung Q9S packs in some serious processing power to run a sophisticated AI engine that converts any format - be it 4K, FullHD, or SD - into 8K resolution through the magic of upscaling.