Seal accuses Oprah Winfrey of knowing about Harvey Weinstein assaults


Singer Seal is not happy with Oprah Winfrey, despite her record-breaking award.

President Donald Trump has said that he does not think that Oprah Winfrey will run for president in 2020, but even if she does. he would win hands down. He recalled a different reaction from "progressives" regarding Winfrey when the idea of her involvement in politics came from then-candidate Donald Trump.

She said that because of that - as well as what she learned from the years she spent interviewing people from all walks of life, who wanted validation that they had been heard - she has "become a person of compassion [and] a person of understanding".

KING: "I got emails from people yesterday that said is Stedman being strategic or is he being supportive?"

Spielberg also believes Winfrey, whom he says is "crackerjack on the money on women's issues", could be an "ambassador of empathy".

Speculation that Ms Winfrey could run for the White House in 2020 has swirled since she gave a rousing speech at the Golden Globe Awards, praising women who have spoken up against sexual violence and promising "a new day". "She is flattered by the attention but she's a private citizen and she's going to remain one, '" Cillizza said. Graham told the Los Angeles that she would "absolutely" run, leading to some skepticism coming from the other two hosts in response to King's spin take. During Clinton's campaign, she discussed the prospect of a female president and said "America, it's about time that we made that decision".

"She's certainly a bigger celebrity than Trump ever was, especially in terms of connecting with her audience".

"I do think she's intrigued by the idea, I do think that", King said. Most knew and did nothing, and are still doing nothing but wearing black and pins, and giving speeches. I want her to run for president. "Their time is up", she told the crowd.

"A new day is on the horizon", she said, "And when that new day finally dawns, it will be because of a lot of magnificent women, many of whom are right here in this room tonight, and some pretty phenomenal men ..." No, I like Oprah. If that's something she wants to do I would totally be down!

"She writes her column every month in the magazine. As it turned out with all the applause it went nine minutes and I think they were very pleased - I think the producers thought that was worth going late for".

And the most important question of all: Could she actually be a good president?