Suspect on run after shooting Knoxville police officer at shopping center


Ronnie Lucas Wilson, 31, shot at Tennessee police officer David Williams from his vehicle during a traffic stop Thursday evening, the Associated Press reported.

Authorities were searching for 31-year-old Ronnie Lucas Wilson, who has an unrelated, outstanding warrant for violation of probation for aggravated assault and who should be considered armed and risky, Rausch said.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has added Ronnie Lucas Wilson to its "Top 10 Most Wanted" list.

An alleged white supremacist shot a police officer who tried to pull him over for speeding and is now at large, "armed and risky", authorities said.

Wilson fired at the officer while in his vehicle, and then got out and continued firing, Rausch said.

Wilson is wanted on charges of attempted first-degree murder. Police said he could have two weapons and should be considered armed and unsafe.

At the time he was pulled over, Wilson was driving a black 1970s model Chevrolet Nova with a red stripe on its hood, Rausch said.

"If he is going to take a shot at an officer, he won't hesitate to shoot at anyone else", Rausch cautioned.

The father of the man on the run Friday after being accused of shooting a Knoxville police officer is asking him to turn himself in. The alert is created to spread information quickly to other law enforcement agencies in the 29 states that use the system to speed up the capture of violent criminals who seriously hurt or kill local, state or federal law enforcement officers. His Facebook pictures show he has a tattoo of a swastika and another which bears the words "White Pride Worldwide".

Wilson is believed to member of Tennessee's largest supremacist group, Aryan Nations, and is listed on a government database of known gang members.

"It borrows its name from the older neo-Nazi group of the same name but is a completely separate group", according to the ADL.