There'll be bloodshed in Zimbabwe if 'illegal regime' stays - Mugabe ally


Zimbabwes former army commander who led a military takeover that helped end Robert Mugabe's 37-year rule and Kembo Mohadi, a veteran politician and long-serving state security minister sworn in as the country's two vice presidents.

Moyo, who was interviewed by Zeinab Badawi on the popular talkshow, Hardtalk, claimed that the current government is illegitimate by virtue of ascending to power through the bullet and not the ballot.

He continued saying, "it is completely unsustainable for anyone to say Mugabe resigned voluntarily when we know the army took over all institutions of the state and confined him to his residence".

A section of the liberation movement aligned with Mnangagwa while another sided with Mugabe's controversial wife, Grace, who until the intervention of the military looked set to succeed her husband.

"This is a military government".

He said the public was now living in unprecedented fear of the former soldiers who have taken political office but eventually the masses would not stand for an "illegal regime". "It can't be a crime in a constitutional democracy", he said.

The atrocities targeted members of the ethnic Ndebele population believed to support former Vice President Joshua Nkomo, then an opponent of Mugabe.

"If they don't act, just as the sun will rise tomorrow, Zimbabwe will be another Somalia".

"There is nothing amiss about that status his excellency (Mnangagwa) gave to Magura even if he did not go to war", Moyo said.

Presidential spokesperson, George Charamba, said the courtesy calls are a requisite for a newly appointed President.

"This was not Mickey Mouse stuff".

"They still have aspirations to harm me".

Both the first lady and Mnangagwa had been vying to replace 93-year-old Robert Mugabe.

Trade between Namibia and Zimbabwe generated only N$24 million (about US$1.9 million) in 2016, a situation that President Geingob said was unacceptable.

Since his resignation Moyo and his close allies have escaped into exile, claiming to have escaped assassination attempts by the military.