Three reasons it's okay to trade Lonzo Ball


Maybe Lonzo Ball feels he can't do any better than the Lakers have in trying to stop his father from spouting off to the media, but there's nothing stopping him from making it clear he doesn't agree with him or at least pushing harder to defuse the situation.

Bruins relying on outside shooting, but will it work in the long run? They don't want to play for him", and "He's too young.

Honestly, it was the best thing Ball could have done for the Bruins. But while LiAngelo, 19, and LaMelo, 16, may not be in a position to stand up to their father when he was feuding with UCLA and Chino Hills (California) High School, respectively, Lonzo is in a different spot.

"We need to focus our energy and minds on what we are doing and that is the message we send every day", Walton added of dealing with distractions. The path might have changed but the goal is the same.

National Basketball Association coaches are growing exhausted of the media coverage of LaVar Ball. The victory alone, their first at Staples Center since before Thanksgiving, might have temporarily strained the tension around Walton brought on by LaVar Ball, but Kuzma nonetheless came to his coach's defense. "However, all signs are pointing toward the eldest member of the Ball family not being able to speak this pipe dream into existence". Because LaVar was going to LaVar.

LaVar Ball is no Kardashian.

However, as the Lakers deal with their own internal problems, I can't help but wonder if LaVar Ball is driving the probability of LeBron heading West down? Luke doesn't have control of the team no more. "They say 'We don't want to".

The Utah Jazz don't face Dallas again until February 24, and maybe by then somebody can explain to Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle how the NBA's deal with ESPN works.

Luke Walton and Lonzo BallWhat's the story? Walton is extremely popular around the league, and despite the Lakers' recent slump, no one believes he's an overmatched coach. He puts the Lakers' struggles on both the players and the coaches.

The article was based on LaVar's opinion, which has been well documented to be self-serving.

"You can see they're not playing for Luke no more", Ball said.

The Warriors' fourth-year head coach worked for ESPN as a commentator, but is dismayed by the role his former employer and several other media entities have played in granting Ball a leading voice.

The Lakers' struggles have been hard for the team, but the team faces additional drama with the outspoken father of Lonzo Ball, Lavar Ball, claiming that Lakers head coach Luke Walton has lost the support of his players, saying in an ESPN interview "You can see they're not playing for Luke no more", Ball said, "Luke doesn't have control of the team no more". This is a melodrama.

But he just keeps playing so well. Bruin fans knew this and was already preparing for a LaVar backlash. "I've never had an issue with anybody's who's criticized me".