Trump keeps Iran nuclear deal alive, waives sanctions 'for last time'


President Donald Trump on Friday said he is extending sanctions relief to Iran under the 2015 nuclear deal, but for the last time. The next sanctions waivers are due in May.

The US Treasury said Larijani, the brother of Iran's parliamentary speaker and former nuclear negotiator Ali Larijani, is to blame for the torture and degrading treatment of prisoners. Washington also imposed sanctions on the head of Iran's judiciary and others.

The 2015 deal, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, was signed by the USA under the previous administration of president Barack Obama as well as Iran, China, Russia, Britain, France and Germany.

He said he was waiving the sanctions for the last time in order to give Congress and European allies 120 days to improve the agreement or face US abandonment of the pact.

Iran's president said on Sunday the United States had failed to undermine a nuclear deal between Tehran and major powers, and hailed the accord as a "long-lasting victory" for Iran, state television reported. Unilaterally re-imposing the sanctions would put the United States in violation of an global agreement that was unanimously approved by the United Nations Security Council in 2015.

It also said Iran would not allow the deal to be linked to other issues, after Trump suggested that the sanctions relief under the deal be tied to Iran limiting its long-range ballistic missile program.

Russian Federation spoke out strongly Friday in favor of the accord, ahead of the announcement of Trump's decision, calling it "the result of a consensus among many parties", in the words of Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov.

"And if at any time I judge that such an agreement is not within reach, I will withdraw from the deal immediately".

But Trump, who must meet regular deadlines to endorse the deal every 90 days and approve sanctions waivers every 120 and 180 days, has railed against the agreement.

Iran has said it will not accept any changes to the terms of the 2015 nuclear deal, which eased sanctions on the country in exchange for Tehran halting uranium enrichment.

Continuing to implement the nuclear deal was the responsibility of all parties concerned and the common wish of the worldwide community, Wang was quoted as saying during the call, which took place on a visit to Rwanda.

French President Emmanuel Macron called Trump on Thursday and stressed France's determination to see "the strict application of the deal and the importance of all the signatories to respect it".