Trump signs executive order to improve mental health resources for Veterans


Last month, for example, the 71-year-old slurred some words on national TV, an episode that the White House attributed to a "dry throat". Jackson didn't respond to an interview requested through the White House, and a White House spokesman declined to comment. Trump was 70 when he was inaugurated a year ago to handle the 24/7 demands of being president. Roughly 260,000 service members leave the military each year; the Naval Postgraduate School study stated that roughly 18.5% of veterans returning from Iraq or Afghanistan suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder or depression.

Trump's libel law talk came after a week's worth of embarrassing stories about his troubled presidency, citing the new book "Fire and Fury".

White House Spokesperson Sarah Sanders has promised to read out to reporters the results of Trump's exam as soon as they are available, CNN reported.

Dr. Wells told Metro that in terms of the presidential physical, a doctor's role "is to provide an objective, comprehensive and thorough assessment of the patient determining medical fitness, in general, and for the task at hand".

President Donald Trump likes to take credit for last year's stock market gain, but on Thursday he admitted that the results of his scheduled medical examination on Friday could be responsible for its fall. "I think that would qualify as not smart, but genius. and a very stable genius at that!" Lee's book on details: The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump. According to CNN, along with metrics like height, weight and blood pressure, past exams have also included information about "vision, thyroid, cardiac rhythms, gastrointestinal system, skin and neurological indicators like cerebellar function, motor functions and sensory systems". The letter revealed that Trump took a daily aspirin and a low dose of statin, a drug used to lower cholesterol. The one-page letter stated Trump's testosterone level, 441.6, was in the normal range, as were his PSA reading for prostate abnormalities and tests of his liver and thyroid.

However, nearly since he announced he was running for office, questions about Trump's mental health have lingered.

Trump was unsatisfied and asked again, the officials said.

Added Trump: "It got great reviews by everybody other than two networks, who were phenomenal for about two hours". In a recent book, "Let Trump Be Trump", former top campaign aides Corey Lewandowski and David Bossie described the four major food groups on Trump's campaign plane as "McDonald's, Kentucky Fried Chicken, pizza and Diet Coke".

The secretaries have within 60 days to develop and submit a Joint Action Plan and update the President on the implementation, and outline further reforms to increase veteran access to mental health services within 180 days.

The Boston Globe's Matt Viser pointed out two of Trump's biggest false statements: "President Trump, who has said Barack Obama wasn't born in the United States and Ted Cruz's father was behind JFK assassination, says laws should make it harder to say things that are false".