Trump supporters demand London Mayor Sadiq Khan arrest


Many Londoners on Friday offered their own reasons for President Donald Trump canceling a possible trip to the British capital: He was nervous about the expected protests that could greet him.

Mr Khan was due to be making a speech in London but sat down and flicked through a newspaper instead when a small group of demonstrators disrupted the start.

Trump recently cancelled a planned visit to Britain next month blaming a "bad deal" on the new £750m United States embassy.

In response to the cancellation, London Mayor Sadiq Khan celebrated the news, saying the US president "is not welcome here".

One man said he just couldn't take all the attention from a certain Game Of Thrones star.

The mayor of London - who has been criticized by Trump in tweets - said Trump appeared to have "got the message from the many Londoners who love and admire America and Americans but find his policies and actions the polar opposite of our city's values of inclusion, diversity and tolerance".

Indeed, many in London believe the USA president anticipated a horde of protesters would meet him there, as the billionaire-turned-politician has elicited much negative energy among many liberal groups in London, due to a perception - whether true or not - that he has discriminated against Muslims and Hispanics.

Some British lawmakers questioned whether Trump would be welcome in London because of previous tweets and criticism of Muslims and his sniping at London Mayor Sadiq Khan in the aftermath of a terror attack in that city past year. "It seems he's finally got that message", the London mayor tweeted.

"His visit. would without doubt have been met by mass peaceful protests", Khan said. "That is not likely to change at any point in the foreseeable future", West said.

The cancellation of the visit was "excellent news", said Lindsey German, organizer of the Stop the War Coalition, which had planned a large protest against Trump.

"The US is one of our oldest and most valued allies, and our strong partnership will endure", May's spokesman Blain said.

The trans-Atlantic alliance between the USA and Britain has been shaky ever since Trump assumed the presidency in January.

Others thought Trump wouldn't be content with how regal his visit might be.

Kahn even questioned Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May's urgency to extend an invitation of a state visit to Trump in the first place.

It does not mean plans for the US President's state visit to the United Kingdom are off entirely, with a Downing Street spokesman telling the newspaper: "An invitation for a state visit has been extended and accepted". But Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson blamed Khan and Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn for discouraging the USA leader from coming.