Uhuru expected to address ANC delegation


Uhuru after a closed-door meeting with SA Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa said Africans have a common heritage, which needs to be exploited for their benefit. "It's a message that resonates well not only with South Africans but [also] to the rest of us in our political parties in the rest of Africa‚" he said.

Kenyatta said they seek to increase connectivity between South Africans and Kenyans, and that there was an understanding that the future of Africans are "tied at the hip".

Zuma and Kenyatta then told journalists that they had discussed a number of issues, which included deepening and strengthening relationships between the countries.

Ramaphosa on his part said ties between the two countries can be boosted by opening doors to the citizens to travel and do business without impediment.

It is the first time the President has set foot outside Kenya since he was reelected into office following a harrowing electioneering period and is expected to be in South Africa for three days.

"We have a common heritage as people of Africa".

Thousands of ANC members cheered Cyril Ramaphosa during his speech
Thousands of ANC members cheered Cyril Ramaphosa during his speech

"President Kenyatta's presence here goes a long away in proving that we have a very special relationship with Kenya", he said.

He cited agriculture and renewable energy, saying Kenya has made great strides in the two sectors, and South Africa can learn a lot from it. Uhuru also met ANC and Jubilee Party officials including vice chairman David Murathe, Secretary General Raphael Tuju, ANC Deputy president David Mabuza and his team.

The Buffalo City Stadium in East was packed to capacity as tens of thousands of African National Congress supporters flocked to the venue for the ANC's 106 birthday celebrations on Saturday.

He is also the new President of South Africa's ruling party, the African National Congress (ANC). Some came singing songs of unity, while others called for change and the removal of President Jacob Zuma.

The ANC president said the party was focusing on re-establishing itself with its electorate as well as on land redistribution, economic growth to create more jobs and education as its main priorities.