UK, LFUCG hosting Martin Luther King Jr. Day celebration


On Friday, after joining Trump in the White House, Martin Luther King Jr.'s nephew pushed back on the claims that the president is a racist, instead suggesting that the president may be "racially ignorant and racially uninformed".

After Mr. Trump signed the proclamation in a White House ceremony, a journalist, April Ryan of American Urban Radio, called out at least twice, "Mr. President, are you a racist?"

"Today and every day let's honor Dr. King's legacy by coming together as Hoosiers and as Americans and continuing to advocate for a fair playing field for everyone", Young says.

"Dr. King advocated for the world we still demand - where the sacred rights of all Americans are protected... and our limits and our opportunities are defined not by the colour of our skin, but by the content of our character", Trump said.

When asked how his uncle would have responded to Trump's comments on Thursday, Farris Jr. said that he would have urged Trump "not to refer to African countries like that".

Trump ignored all questions and exited the Roosevelt room.

The comments stood in jarring contrast to the president's previous remarks made to members of Congress during an immigration meeting Thursday, when he asked why the USA accepts people from "sh*thole countries". Dick Durbin, Illinois Democrat who attended the meeting. He also rejected the idea of restoring protections for immigrants from those countries, suggesting the those from nations like Norway would be more welcome in the U.S.

"Teachers will teach you the standard curriculum and you have to get the ones that will go out of their way to take the initiative to instruct you on more ethnically diverse situations that happened in our past because history can repeat itself", said Amyra.

The comments, which occurred on the eve of the anniversary of Haiti's devastating 7.0 magnitude quake, are the latest in the president's.

Watch Trump's full speech below.