Vikas is mean to Hina


Hina and Vikas once again have an argument about the mean/money task, as he gives her various tasks to complete and she tactfully avoids doing it, which frustrates him. He starts by asking her to empty her beloved coffee powder, the one she has saved up to gift to her parents once she got out of the Bigg Boss House. Vikas made a decision to attack Hina's personal belongings with hopes that she would opt out of the task.

Although, no official confirmation has been made in this regard so far, but if the reports turned out to be true, it will be a fight between Hina Khan, Vikas Gupta and Shilpa Shinde in Bigg Boss 11 grand finale.

Furthermore, he gets his own family picture and asks Hina to tear it apart by repeatedly stamping on it. Hearing this, she loses her cool and lashes out at him saying that she can not believe he would stoop to such lows for a task. I would like to ask: "Is Bigg Boss then MasterChef?" Both the ladies in the house are summoned by "dictator" Vikas Gupta in the garden area. Soon as the game begins, Shilpa is ordered by Vikas to jump in the swimming pool. To this, Hina gets teary-eyed and thanks him. He then asks her to crush his bracelet and tells her that he will not ask her to break her things as he is not that mean. Puneesh listens to her and later tells Hina that Shilpa has no emotions and that she broke her mug without any feelings. To prove to Shilpa Shinde that she can't cook, Hina Khan entered the kitchen to fix a meal for herself. When Akash Dadlani had to leave the house after a midnight eviction, it left Shilpa Shinde, Hina Khan, Vikas Gupta and Puneesh Sharma as the four finalists. When Viaks saw her struggling with burnt rotis, he askes Shilpa to intervene and help. Puneesh stood by Hina's side and supported her. She hastily moved to the buzzer and announced her exit from the "Vikas City" task.

He asks her to help him win the Rs 3 lakh amount as he feels she is anyways going to be the victor and get the lump sum.