Amazon Makes Whole Foods More Rewarding for Prime Members


There's a good chance that a lot of Prime members have this card as well, as Amazon seems to promote it left and right as users are browsing its digital storefront.

Amazon continues to sweeten the deal for Prime members, this time when it comes to shopping at Whole Foods. Both of these cards offer 2 percent back at restaurants, gas stations and drugstores, and 1 percent on all other purchases.

Prime members with the card were already earning 5 percent back on but this is the first time the reward level has been extended to purchases off

Following the acquisition, Amazon had promised to lower prices at Whole Foods, saying that Prime members would receive special savings and other in-store benefits.

When Amazon purchased Whole Foods for $14 billion previous year, it promised that the Prime shipping and entertainment membership program would become the loyalty program of Whole Foods, too.

Amazon has also made other moves since taking over Whole Foods. Amazon Prime members can take advantage of the free shipping, streaming music, video and photo storage for the $99 annual membership. Non-Prime members will get only 3 percent back on Whole Foods purchases under the new plan, which is the same as the 3 percent back those cardmembers get on purchases already. But last December, reports surfaced that some of those prices had inched higher. The e-commerce giant has also started selling Amazon Echo devices inside Whole Foods stores. Whole Foods stores have faced food shortages that employees blame on a new inventory-management system.