Amazon's Alexa can now detect the voice of individual users in Canada


Echo devices are voice-controlled speakers designed entirely around the speaker's voice.

The owner complained to the advertising regulator about the "socially irresponsible" advert, which was shown on television screens on October 5. Only with more efforts, this can be a true Digitial Assistant we all were looking forward to.

VIZIO, Inc. announced today the introduction of the VIZIO SmartCast skill for Amazon Alexa, enabling easy voice control of 2017 and 2016 SmartCast P-, M- and E-Series 4K display collections. Would you like to buy it?'. No discounts are now being offered either, which means you will need to pay Rs.4,499 for the Echo Dot, Rs.9,999 for Echo, and Rs.14,999 for the Echo Plus smart speaker.

While the customer cancelled the order before it was processed, the incident prompted a complaint to the British Advertising Standards Authority (ASA). Fire up the Alexa app, head to Setting Account Your Voice and then recite ten phrases. If you have more than one Echo devices setup in your home, you can now play music on them simultaneously.

The regulator acknowledged that Amazon had taken measures to prevent its ads from triggering a response in devices that might "overhear" a command from a voice on the television. If that technology fails, customers are still required to "confirm a purchase" before it is ordered.

"We understood that it would not be possible for a purchase to be made without the account owner's knowledge, even in instances where technology, meant to stop ads interacting with devices, had not been effective", the regulator said in its decision. The feature allows you to call into an Echo device in another room.

'We concluded that the ad was not socially irresponsible and did not breach the Code'.

Initially, Amazon Echo, Echo Plus and Echo Dot were available by invitation only.

Customers who purchase the Echo Plus from Amazon and select retail outlets will also get a Philips Hue smart bulb free.

Unfortunately, the prices aren't as approachable as when the Echos were still in their beta phase in India, and you don't get the free one year of Amazon Prime subscription either, which makes them a lot less appealing now, but at least they're officially available should you want to grab one.