'Atlanta' Drops the Trailer for Upcoming 'Robbin Season'


Elsewhere, Darius declares that it's "robbin' season", the time around Christmas when people in an impoverished area try to get money and holiday gifts - often making them desperate and more likely to commit crimes. "Robbin' season", says Darius (Lakeith Stanfield). Thanks to the new trailer we get an idea of what to expect like Earn's living arrangements to new hustles.

In January, Donald Glover and his brother Stephen, who is an executive producer on the series, explained that the new season was inspired by, of all things, the Tiny Toon Adventures film "How I Spent My Vacation," which was a direct-to-video film that was aired as four separate episodes. Packages will get stolen off porches, where we were shooting my neighbor got her vehicle stolen.

Glover opened up about the inspiration behind season two of Atlanta at FX's Television Critics Association press tour last month.

When Atlanta hit FX with its first season in 2016, Donald Glover was confirmed as the real deal- a genuine auteur and multiple media artist. It's a very tense and desperate time so we wanted to make that a backdrop to our season and our characters are going through that same type of transition their whole lives to where they're headed now.

With just over two weeks until Atlanta returns for its second season, FX has released a new trailer. "And robbin' season is a metaphor to where we are now".