Boston PD tweets Black History Month tribute to Red Auerbach


The Boston Police Department is taking heat after it sent out a tweet that celebrated Black History Month by honoring a white man.

"BPD realizes that an earlier tweet may have offended some and we apologize for that", the department tweeted.

The NAACP's Boston branch said in a statement Monday that the police department "celebrating a white man for hiring black people is beyond perplexing".

Boston Celtics president and former coach Red Auerbach receives a lifetime achievement award from the Boston Sports Museum in 2003. I'm sure I'm not the only black person to resign themselves to the fact that Boston, police and all, is a very racist city.

Since its official recognition in 1976, Black History Month has been celebrated in the United States with the goal of honouring the neglected accomplishments of the African-American community.

February is African American/Black History Month, when the U. S. Army honors the numerous contributions made by African-Americans.

Several people responded to the tweet on Sunday, suggesting the department should have honored someone else. Even the deletion of what may only be considered as an ill-conceived tweet can not pretend to make amends to a community that is constantly battling issues of discriminatory treatment by what some have described as an offending force.

President Trump and first lady Melania Trump applaud Surgeon General Jerome Adams during a National African American History Month reception in the East Room of the White House Tuesday.

The department replaced the tweet about Auerbach with one honoring Celtics legend Bill Russell. After deleting their Auerbach tweet, the department reposted the tribute to the 84-year-old Hall of Famer. In each of those tributes, the officers were black.