Canada set to reach new deal with Aboriginal peoples


The federal changes come at a time when Canadians are grappling with how indigenous people have been historically treated.

This new system would ensure that the starting premise of all federal government action is the recognition of Indigenous rights, said one source with knowledge of the speech. The rights have been in place since the Constitution was ratified in 1982, he said, but it's been Canada's position that you have to prove it, he said.

A number of visibly Indigenous people were excluded without cause from the jury that last week acquitted Saskatchewan farmer Gerald Stanley, 56, in the shooting death of Boushie, 22, a member of the Red Pheasant First Nation.

Since then, Bennett has been focused on efforts to improve the relationship, leading consultations on how to dissolve the department and create two separate ministries.

In a sweeping speech that condemned past governments for failing to do enough to protect the rights of aboriginal people, the prime minister said the planned legislation would ensure "rigorous, full and meaningful" implementation of treaties and other agreementsand could establish new ways to resolve disputes. "We want people to be talking about these things, having the uncomfortable conversations, talking with people who they work with, people they share their lives with", Cox said.

"Statistically speaking it's quite obvious that the Indigenous people are over-represented in the prison system, but yet they're under-represented in all other areas of the judicial system, namely juries".

Trudeau's expected announcement is coming after his meet with the family of Indigenous man Colten Boushie, who was killed in 2016.

He called the new framework a great opportunity, but said he has reservations that proposed changes would be "dictated" to Indigenous leaders.

Trudeau also said at the time that the Liberal government was taking steps to move beyond the Indian Act, which was passed in 1876 and has been widely criticized by Indigenous leaders - and Trudeau, too - as colonial and paternalistic.

A clear Recognition and Implementation of Rights Framework across the federal government will provide clarity and certainty on Canada's responsibilities toward engaging with Indigenous Peoples in a respectful, cooperative partnership-from coast to coast to coast.

Canada has also set up a commission to hear from families of missing and murdered indigenous girls and women.

Many studies, reports, and organizations have recommended in recent decades recognizing Indigenous rights in legislation, including the report of the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, and the First Ministers' Conferences on the Rights of Aboriginal Peoples.

Tootoosis said the family will continue working to root out what they describe as systemic racism plaguing the Canadian criminal justice system, and that education and open dialogue will help bring about unity.

"There should be an appeal and it should never should have happened", she said.