Indian surgeons remove world's largest brain tumour


The previous known record was the removal of a 1.4-kilogram brain tumor, also in Mumbai, he said.

"It was an extremely daunting and complex surgery", said Dr Nadkarni, head of neurosurgery at Mumbai's BYL Nair hospital. "After the investigation, we chose to perform the surgery [on February 14], which was extremely high-risk", said Dr Trimurti D Nadkarni, professor and head of neurosurgery, adding that such large tumours are rare and a surgical challenge.

The 1.87-kilo (four-pound) brain tumor had affected his vision and caused constant headaches.

Pal's surgery took a little over six hours to complete and required the skilled hands of five surgeons, Nadkarni included.

Surgeons at the civic-run BYL Nair Hospital last Wednesday removed a brain tumour weighing 1.8kg from a 31-year-old man. "The sheer size of the tumour was a challenge, and we had to ensure blood pressure was maintained while surgery was on". However, the tumor started growing out like mad over the past year. He feels relieved of 'a large burden on his head'. Doctors said pressure applied by the mass of flesh on Mr. Pal's brain led to loss of vision. Mr. Pal is recuperating in the Intensive Care Unit and in stable condition. "His tumour was totally excised along with involved skull bone and that which had invaded into the brain", he said. He had been told by doctors in at least three hospitals in his home state that the tumor was inoperable. The tumour was removed during a 7-hour surgery on February 14.

Doctors are now waiting to see whether Pal will regain his eyesight.

Srikant Balasubramaniam, with the neurosurgery department at Nair Hospital, told the Indian Express that the medical centre treats about 500 brain tumours per year, half of which are in advanced stages.

Dr. Nadkarni said the tumour protruded from the skull and the scalp grew over it.