It's official! Facebook all set to roll out two smart home speakers


It's rumoured that Mark Zuckerberg's social network is working two smart speakers models set for launch in 2018.

The sources said that the Facebook move is expected to further heat up the global smart speaker market, which has been crowded with heavyweight players, including top supplier Amazon and other tech giants such as Google, Microsoft, Apple and many China players including Alibaba.

The Aloha model is supposedly more "sophisticated" than Fiona, and will be released under the official name of Portal.

Squaring up against Amazon, Google and Apple, Facebook is tipped to reveal the products at its F8 developer conference in May, where it regularly shows off new features and services.

Ultimately, Facebook's success in the smart speaker world will likely be determined by the quality of its A.I. assistant.

The devices won't be Echo or HomePod lookalikes.

That 15-inch display is more than double the size of the 7-inch display sitting within the Echo Show, but what could it be used for?

According to the report, Aloha and Fiona will come with 15-inch touchscreens manufactured by LG. Sources also claim the new devices will be just the start of a catalogue of new video-centric products to be launched by Facebook over the next five years. It'll also offer facial recognition technology thanks to a wide-angled lens on the front of the device, the report says.

Facebook is rumored to have been working on a smart speaker with a touchscreen since previous year. Portal will a wide-angle lens up front for this objective.

As per another report, Facebook was earlier chose to launch the speakers in the month of May because for perfecting the acoustic quality of the devices and their software modification, they rescheduled the launch date. Prices for either the Aloha or Fiona have not been leaked.

According to Taiwanese trade publication DigiTimes, Facebook's smart speakers aim to facilitate connections between family and friends, via video chat and other social integrations.