Latest Windows 10 build brings 'Ultimate Performance' mode for professional users


Microsoft has released Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17101 "Redstone 4" (RS4) for Fast ring users, and Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17604 "Redstone 5" (RS5) build for Skip Ahead users. Now there's Fast Ring Skip Ahead, which is faster than the Fast Ring, but more prone to borkage as it will offer the newest features whilst still in active development.

So what are the main changes in these fresh builds? Skip Ahead users will receive a different branch of updates which will focus on the cutting edge, not created to represent a stable update. The company is nearing the release of Redstone 4, which is yet to have an official name, and plans to ship the update to the public sometime in March or April of this year.

In this case, Ultimate Performance is generally not built for gamers, as most would generally run consumer grade hardware and run a commercially available version of Microsoft's operating system.

Apart from that, the new Windows 10 Insider Build will also come with updated emoji designs, improved control on file access permissions for Universal Windows Programs, and a number of bug fixes and performance improvements as usual.

The power scheme is aimed at reducing micro-latencies associated with power management techniques. Will you be testing out Ultimate Performance?

If you want to use the new option regardless, simply visit your rig's Power Options settings page to activate it. Microsoft has not yet stated what sort of performance gains users can expect to receive upon turning the mode on.

It appears that Ultimate Performance mode may only be available when a laptop is plugged in (or not on laptops at all), as Sarkar notes that the "power policy is now not available on battery powered systems".

This is all about being able to test the latest changes for individual core Windows 10 apps (like Camera, Photos and so on), and expanding this capability beyond those on the "skip ahead" program.

To try out the new apps, first join the Windows Insiders program, following the instructions here.