Meek Mill's Lawyers File Petition to Get Rapper's Conviction and Sentencing Vacated


Mill's legal team have also accused trial judge Genece Brinkley of bias, saying that she handed Mill prison time after the rapper laughed off her request for a shout-out in a song, and snubbed her suggestion to dump his management team at JAY-Z's Roc Nation firm and sign with Philadelphia music figure Charlie Mack. Williams has been on probation since, and was recently imprisioned for two to four years on probation violations.

Moreover, included on the list is Officer Reginald V. Graham; the 2007 arresting officer in Meek's gun and drug charges case; that which he violated probation for previous year and is now imprisoned for. According to Gibson, Mill never pointed a gun at Graham or anyone else and Graham only claimed that Mill did so once he was in custody. Officer Reginald Graham was among the list of "suspect police" in a recent investigative report from the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Meek Mill wants out of prison immediately because the Philly police officer who busted him has a history of making dirty arrests. according to new docs filed in his case. Former narcotics officer Jeffrey Walker said he "would steal" with Graham.

Graham's name appeared on a list obtained by the Philadelphia Inquirer, of a collection of officers the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office cited as having "history of lying, racial bias, or brutality".

Fellow Philly cop Gerold Gibson said Graham lied about Meek pointing a gun at him and resisting arrest. Among other things, he claimed that Graham "frequently stole" money found during searches and "often beat people he considered suspects". If charges aren't withdrawn or dismissed voluntarily, Mill's attorneys are seeking a new trial.

Graham's arrest of Williams led to charges of illegal possession of a firearm and assaulting a police officer.